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Hi, I'm Jordan, it is a pleasure to meet you!

So I guess you are here to learn a little about me. Well, I am a mechanical engineer, or at least should be, I went to university to learn things about stuff that leans, supports, turns, bangs, blows and whistles! I have spent lots of money and invested a fair amount of time into learning that stuff and in doing so, I have learnt that I love my camera more than my toolbox! 

Images, both still and moving, enchant me. They are a window into other worlds, they show the different truths of the reality we all share and tell these truths as stories that grow to be passages in time. Capturing these moments, sharing in them and sometimes, in time, learning from them. 
This is what I love to do and share with others. 

I have experience in all areas of photography and videography, from occasion and commercial right through to aerial, adventure, sports and travel.

There is so much more to tell  and stories to share, but for now, I will leave it there. Instead, stay a while, have a look around, I hope you enjoy some of my work and if there is anything I can help you with, please do get in touch. 

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